Folk songs will kill me at the end

... a dana hilliot web site


what have you done last thirty years ?

walked through the moutains alone or with my friend David, did something like two thousand miles walking, maybe more

wrote more than one hundred songs and recorded some ep/lp and played with other artists

made love with more than twenty girls and two boys

ran the 400m in 51"5, the 800m in 1'55"7, the 1500m in 3'59", and the 3000m in 8'41"

wrote some texts about ancient neoplatonism philosophy and cistercian spirituality published in specialized reviews..



i feel like if each new song i write could be the last one..
do you know this feeling yourself ?


i took drugs alcool and medication..
so it's ok now


you need more, you can go to another record web site and listen to some music i recorded.